Enjoy a dish from our range of meals. Our cuisine gives you a unique gastronomic experience. Some of our customers’ favourite meals include well-cooked steaks with grilled vegetables or another side dish and a salad. We prepare various specialities when they are in season, and always from suppliers we know personally. Not only do our foods taste great, but they also look fantastic too.


250ml Garlic soup with cheese, bacon, bread croutons

250ml Spicy soup with pork, cream and chilli pepper


80g Fried bread with pork, onion, chilli pepper and garlic, sprinkled with cheese

100g Steak tartare with fried bread


150g Salmon with fresh vegetables, herb dressing


200g Chicken breast filled with Parma ham and parmesan with herb dressing

200g Chicken steak

200g Chicken skewer with grilled vegetables, mushrooms and bacon

150g Chicken schnitzel


200g Port medallions filled with bacon and blue cheese with herb dressing

200g USA pork chop

200g Pork tenderloin steak with fried onion, bacon and herb dressing

150g Pork strips with porcini mushrooms

USA pork chops

From American breeds; the red Duroc pig

200g Pork chop with blackberry sauce and fried potato šišky dumplings with butter

200g Pork chop filled with bacon and mushrooms, served with garlic potato

200g Pork chop with porcini mushroom sauce and onion potato

200g Pork chop on green beans with Mexican potato slices and garlic dip

200g Pork chop in aluminium with garlic, bacon, vegetables and Dijon mustard with potato wedges

200g Pork chop with green pepper sauce, served with crushed potato

200g Pork chop in plum sauce with fried potato šišky dumplings in butter and rosemary

200g Pork chop with grilled Mexican potato slices and roast beetroot


200g Beef sirloin (Argentina)

200g Flap steak

150g Beef flamendr stew

Hot sauces served with steaks

Porcini mushroom sauce

Plum sauce

Sauce with green peppercorn

Blackberry sauce

Kids’ meals

120g Chicken breast in olive oil with cherry tomatoes

120g Chicken nuggets

Meat-free meals

100g Fried (breaded) cheese

250g Penne pasta with tomato, sprinkled with parmesan


250g Pasta pan-fried with chicken and garlic on a bed of lettuce leaves with herb dressing and parmesan

250g Shopska (Bulgarian) salad

120g Vegetable salad with chicken, sprinkled with parmesan


1 Pancake with vanilla ice-cream and caramel

1 Marlenka honey cake slice

1 Hot fruit and rum with ice-cream and whipped cream

1 Slice of cake (of your choice) from

Ice-cream sundaes

Country sundae

Fruit sundae

Side dishes

200g Chunky fries

200g French fries

250g Home-made potato wedges

250g Crushed potato with onion and bacon

250g Boiled potato

200g Grilled vegetables

200g Grilled beetroot

200g Green beans with bacon and garlic

50g Tartar sauce, ketchup, dressing of your choice

1 Bread roll

1 Toast on grill

1 Fried bread with garlic

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